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and Increase Revenue

ubisend white label partners drive value for their clients with the power of chatbots, AI and conversational marketing.

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Help your clients achieve more

How we approach the market with you

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Working together to create something great

Partnering with ubisend gives you the confidence to pitch and talk to brands about artificial intelligence and machine learning, knowing someone is there to deliver anything you can imagine. We work with partners to develop bespoke, high-end solutions.

We can be a silent partner, get involved during the scoping phase, do as much or as little as you need. We’re flexible and adaptable to each of your clients.

Our proprietary tools help you build mockups and demo videos. Get full access to crucial templated documents like proposals, discovery process, and more. We provide you with everything you need to deliver remarkable experiences for your clients.

Scalable, feature-rich solutions

Designed for medium to large businesses, the ubisend SaaS chatbot product offers the benefits of a platform solution along with the ability to add custom functionality for your clients.

Offer chatbots to your clients as a managed service, where you monitor and maintain the chatbot on their behalf. Alternatively, give your clients direct access to login and manage everything themselves.

This product is perfect for your clients who wish to test and prove an ROI, before investing further and integrating deeper into systems and processes.

Your chatbot business-in-a-box

Our chatbot deployment platform enables you to resell bots in particular industries (automotive, restaurants, recruitment, etc.). These bots are readily deployable across multiple channels. You, or your clients, can setup and deploy a new chatbot in minutes.

You can operate this platform as a white label SaaS product, re-skinned and deployed onto your web domain with your clients purchasing and deploy their own bots, or, you can configure and launch bots on their behalf as a managed service.

You set the prices for your chatbots and, if you like, the platform can take care of all payment processing, invoicing, subscriptions and customer service - fully white labelled.

All products are always unlimited in use

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Powered by world-class artificial intelligence

Deliver best-in-class conversational experiences to your clients.

ubisend chatbots are powered by proprietary artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

From out-of-the-box small talk to custom and industry-specific FAQs, you and your clients have complete control over the chatbot's knowledge and language.

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Enable your clients to be everywhere

All chatbots are built to function across multiple channels. Rather than directing your clients to a new channel, help them where they already are.

  • Website live chat
  • Full-page takeover
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat (custom)
  • WhatsApp (custom)
  • Telegram (custom)

If your client has bespoke channel needs, talk to your partnership manager and we will make it happen.

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Start delivering chatbots right away

Your clients want chatbots right now.

Our partner program is designed to make your company look good. We provide all the tools, knowledge and resources you need to start selling chatbots today.

Whether you service a few enterprise clients or thousands of micro-businesses, our solutions are designed from the ground up to service your needs.

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Your business, your brand

You have spent lots of time and effort creating your brand and identity. The last thing we want to do is dilute it and confuse your clients.

From the portal your clients log in through to your logo on the automated invoice they receive, everything is white labelled to match your brand

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Your global business

ubisend operates on a global scale. We don't like to limit ourselves, and neither should you.

Out-of-the-box, the platform product accepts payments in five major currencies: USD, GBP, SGD, AUD and CAD. More payment options can be added based on partner demand.

All products, including all partner- and client-facing products and chatbots, can be translated into 55 languages.

We also look for established partners to take on region and/or product exclusivity.

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Enterprise-grade & secure

Our roots are in the enterprise market. We know a thing or two about building secure software.

We take security and data protection very seriously. Everything we do, including all the products our partners have access to, benefit from the latest security and devOps practises.

  • ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified
  • No external NLP providers (Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc.)
  • Secure code repositories and data storage
  • Deployment to specific services and locations
  • Deployment into your client data perimeter
  • Deployment onto your client servers

Read our security & data protection measures.

Join the ubisend partner program

Three ways we help you

Some partners stick to one type of product and chatbot.

Some partners see what their clients need.

It's up to you and you can use just one, or all of our partner products.


Your business-in-a-box and everything you need

White label available

  • ✓ Offer SaaS or managed service
  • ✓ We cover all customer service
  • ✓ Integrated billing
  • ✓ Multi-lingual and channel
  • ✓ Exclusivity options
  • ✓ Built for high volume and scale


Carefully picked features, ready to go

White label available

  • ✓ Unlimited agents
  • ✓ Unlimited FAQs
  • ✓ Unlimited messages/tickets
  • ✓ Reporting dashboard
  • ✓ Fully configurable web-widget
  • ✓ Data compliant configuration


Deliver world-class solutions with help from our geeks

White label available

  • ✓ No project too big
  • ✓ Dedicated client support
  • ✓ Bespoke API connections
  • ✓ Custom conversation flows
  • ✓ Fully managed and serviced
  • ✓ Choice of data centres/on-site